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This working group provides a platform for members to exchange innovative and sustainable solutions to manage the quantity and quality of surface and ground water in urban area.

Providing cities’ inputs on:

  • The Urban Water Agenda 2030, recently launched by DG ENVI
  • EU Water legislation (currently: Revision of the drinking water directive; minimum requirements on water reuse)

Exchanging knowledge & best practices on:

  • Urban water management, including the role of public and private water companies
  • Innovative and sustainable solutions on surface and ground water problems concerning both water quality and quantity aspects
  • Innovative solutions to make water systems more resilient to the impact of climate change, including flood protection and water scarcity

Supporting cities in:

  • Implementing sustainable urban water management under the seventh environmental action programme and the blueprint to safeguard Europe’s waters
  • European funded projects (LIFE, Interreg, Horizon2020, URBACT)


Alexander Mauritz
Managing Director

vice chair

Roland Zinkernagel
Sustainability Officer

EUROCITIES staff contact

Louise Coffineau
EUROCITIES Brussels office
Policy advisor