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This working group provides city input to the EU circular economy package and helps members in the implementation of circular economy practices. It also offers a platform for best practice exchange on municipal waste management.

Providing cities’ inputs to:

  • EU Circular Economy Package, closely following the commission’s Circular Economy action plan, including the legislative proposals on waste
  • Urban Agenda partnership on circular economy

Exchanging knowledge & best practices on:

Waste management, more particularly on:

·        Separate and innovative waste collection methods

·        Waste handling and transport experiences

·        Cooperation within metropolitan regions and/or between municipalities on waste treatment


Supporting cities in:


·        Implementing measures to speed the transition to circular economy at city level

·        In waste management and recycling strategies

·        Raising public awareness on waste prevention and reduction


Hakon Jentoft
Senior Executive Officer


Guenther Langer

EUROCITIES staff contact

Louise Coffineau
EUROCITIES Brussels office
Policy advisor