Safe and active travel

  • mobility

Our cities need more walking and cycling. Promoting active modes is key to improving public health, public transport, the local economy, safety for all, and much more. This Working Group’s priority is helping pedestrians and cyclists take over urban space and fill our cities with life.

We focus on road safety and active travel, with a special interest in vulnerable road users.

The range of topics addressed includes:

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Design of public spaces
  • Public Health
  • Behavioral Change
  • Connection of active modes with public transport

Members of this Working Group can expect opportunities for:

  • Learning, by sharing and discussing good practice, research, and our own local experiences
  • Empowerment, through capacity building, development of common positions and peer support
  • Networking, to improve access to funding opportunities and explore synergies (e.g., align data collection efforts)


Pedro Homem De Gouveia

vice chair

Maria Brodde Makri