Green areas and biodiversity

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This working group addresses issues of urban biodiversity and management related to green areas

Providing cities’ inputs to:

  • EU Refit of Habitats and Birds Directive
  • EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020 

Exchanging knowledge & best practices on:

  • Value of ecosystem services and their role in decision-making for policy makers
  • Programs and tools for monitoring, maintaining and strengthening biodiversity and wildlife habitats ensuring the good functioning of urban ecosystems
  • Integrated and innovative management of green public areas, parks and gardens

Supporting cities in:

  • Raising awareness of the significance of green areas and biodiversity for a good quality of life in cities
  • Promoting environmental education and citizens’ participation in management and recovery of green areas
  • Creating financial schemes and consortia for EU funding in biodiversity and green and blue infrastructures


Jorge Cristino
Aide to the Deputy Mayor


Gitty Korsuize - personal contact
Consultant green areas & urban nature


Gitty Korsuize
Consultant green areas & urban nature

EUROCITIES staff contact

Heather Brooks
EUROCITIES Brussels office
Policy & project officer