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The European Commission has opened a broad public consultation on the future of social Europe. The consultation will gather ideas and recommendations for new policy actions or legal initiatives needed on different levels (EU, national, regional and local) to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights.

The European Commission will use the inputs submitted through this public consultation to shape the Action Plan for the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights, which is to be presented in early 2021 at the upcoming EU Social Summit. The action plan will outline new policy initiatives that are meant to make sure that the transitions of climate-neutrality, digitalisation and demographic change, as well as the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, are socially fair and just, leaving no one behind. 

How can you have a say from your city? 

This is a unique opportunity for us to raise a loud voice from cities to shape the future of social Europe with a strong urban dimension and position cities as key partners of the EU and member states in developing and delivering EU social policies. How to do so? 

1. Contribute to the EUROCITIES policy paper 

We have developed a draft policy paper on building a stronger social Europe with cities (you can download it below). The paper presents concrete proposals for policy actions and arguments on how to stregthen the urban dimension of the EU social agenda.

We want you to help us shape this paper to have a strong and united voice from cities into the EU public consultation. Please send us your feedback and comments to the paper by 21 August via email to

We aim to finalise the paper after summer and present it to Commissioner Schmit and Members of the European Parliament during our high-level political event online on 30 September.

2. Submit your contribution online

To make our voice from cities heard in this massive consultation, we also encourage our members to submit their views online on the webpage of the EU public consultation: The consultation is open until end of November.

Your contribution to submit can be:

A. a pledge - we encourage all our member cities that already signed pledges to the European Pillar of SOcial Rights at part of our EUROCITIES campaign to upload their city pledge also on the Commission website (simple upload button)

B. submit your city input for new initiatives at EU, national, regional or local level - if your city already has a position on how to strengthen (urban dimension into) EU social policies or on driving a fair or inclusive recovery in Europe, you can upload your file on the Commission website (simple upload button)

3. Take part in online consultations with Commissioner Schmit

European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, Nicolas Schmit is doing a series of virtual consultation webinars on the future of social Europe with stakeholders in each member state. We have managed to get the European Commission to open up these online consultations to city representatives to take part.

This is a unique to have city representatives discuss online with Commissioner Schmit concrete ideas and proposals how to bring European solutions to social challenges in cities, also having in mind the social impact of the COVID-19crisis. 

Are you interested? Send us your list of names of representatives from your city to join these online discussion with Commissioner Schmit (ideally to consider the city mayor, deputy mayors in charge of social policies, city director for social/employment services etc.)

The virtual consultations are organised per member state, so several cities from the same country will be able to join the same webinar with Commissioner Schmit. The dates will be set according to the Commissioner's agenda. Find out more about these virtual consultations here

Check out the policy brief below summaring our coordinated advocacy actions from cities.

Let's have a strong voice from cities on the future of social Europe!

   EUROCITIES_policy_paper__A_stronger_social_Europe_powered_by_inclusive_cities_V3download/preview this file
    Policy_brief_on_shaping_the_future_of_social_Europe_with_citiesdownload/preview this file

EUROCITIES staff contact

Bianca Faragau-Tavares