Registration NOW OPEN WG Homelessness the study visit on cities measures to support new groups at risk of homelessness in Poznan, on 30 September to 2 October

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Register now for the next working group homelessness meeting in Poznan on 30 September to 2 October. The focus of this event will be on cities measures to support new groups at risk of homelessness.


Rationale of the study visit

The city of Poznan has developed a social housing programme which includes both access to a dwelling and training support to provide preparation for participants to later function in an independent housing unit. The city has also developed a 'score qualification system' to define a list of applicants for social housing. The order of the persons on the list is the result of a multicriterial evaluation of the situation of these people, translated into a score.

EUROCITIES is organising a study visit to Poznan to learn in practice from the city's innovative approach to prevent homelessness. The aim is to build capacity of the participating city experts to learn, transfer and possibly replicate some of the inspiring practices from Poznan while adapting to the specific local conditions and target groups in their cities. The goal is to strengthen the capacity of cities to develop innovative measures to support new groups at risk of homelessness. 


This activity is part of EUROCITIES mutual learning programme between cities funded by the EU programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSi) between 2018-2021 under the strategic partnership with the European Commission DG EMPL. 


The three days of the study visit, focused on the policy transfer, will give a unique opportunity to participating cities to:

  • Gain in-depth understanding and know-how of Poznan’s model of social housing programme with training support, through a mix of presentations, site visits, discussions with key local stakeholders and workshops with peer city experts;
  • Learn how to successfully collaborate with NGOs for measures to support homeless at local level;
  • Analyse the strengths, opportunities and challenges of the housing support measures in Poznan to identify success factors and transferability factors;
  • Identify key elements from the lessons learned that can be transferred to other cities;
  • Design innovative solutions to real-case city challenges regarding new groups at risk of homelessness;
  • Elaborate guidelines for cities on how to develop or improve support to new groups at risk of homelessness, in line with principle 19 of the EU Social Pillar.


Day 1 – Monday 30 September
• Icebreaking and networking
• Updates from cities

Day 2 – Tuesday 1 October
• Welcome and presentation of Poznan’s pledge
• Setting the context of Poznan’s approach
• Site visit to the social flats with training support
• Presentation of Poznan’s cooperation with NGOs
• Reflection on lessons learned from Poznan’s model

Day 3 – Wednesday 2 October
• Responding to cities challenges with new groups at risk of homelessness (selected based on an open call)
• Design new and more effective practices on supporting new groups at risk of homelessness
• Business meeting

We are searching for 4 cities to present their challenge with new groups a risk of homelessness

If you are interested and committed to work on concrete actions of innovative solution to accompany new groups at risk of homelessness and you would like to get new ideas on how you can approach it, apply to be one of the 4 cities presenting their challenge. 

If you are interested, please check the call here and submit your application before 6 September, by sending the application from part of the call to solene.molard

Registration deadline is 20 September

Are you interested to attend the policy transfer? Register here:
until 20 September.

Find below all the working documents.

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EUROCITIES staff contact

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