Publication on the role of cities in promoting social entrepreneurship

EUROCITIES has prepared a publication on the role of cities in promoting social entrepreneurship. This publication is based on the work of the EUROCITIES WG Smart Social Inclusion which has been gathering practices from its members.


publication date: 22-02-2018

Rome adopts new plan for integrating Roma people with support from EU funds

Rome adopted a new Roma Plan in May 2017. The Plan aims to support Roma people to leave the encampments and integrate into the labour market and in society by improving their access to education, employment, housing and healthcare. The Roma Plan includes actions for labour market activation, professional training and services for housing inclusion.


publication date: 12-02-2018

Six countries launch the 2018 European Social Fund co-ordinated call

Six Member States have launched their calls in January and February – Belgium (Flanders), Bulgaria, Finland, Poland, Portugal and Sweden. The calls will cover the broad ESF themes of employment, youth, inclusion, social economy, learning and skills, migrants and governance.


publication date: 08-02-2018

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European Commission launches the EU Energy Poverty Observatory

29 January marked the launch of the EU Energy Poverty Observatory. The Observatory is an online platform that facilitates sharing knowledge and disseminating information on energy poverty in the EU. It is an instrument that offers guidance for policy makers by providing open-access resources and scientific data from across Europe. The platform also provides training resources and technical assistance to the interested parties.


publication date: 02-02-2018

Labour market integration of refugees and asylum seekers

EUROCITIES has conducted research on the integration of refugees and asylum seekers in the labour market at local level. The report is based on the findings from 19 cities from 12 EU member states.


publication date: 02-02-2018

The situation of Roma in cities in Europe

EUROCITIES has conducted a mapping study in 23 large cities in Europe, which have big Roma populations. The findings are presented in a comprehensive report that reveals the situation of Roma inclusion at local level.


publication date: 02-02-2018

What role do cities play in social inclusion and welfare policies?

EUROCITIES recently contracted an external expert to research the changing role of cities in designing and delivering social inclusion and welfare policies.


publication date: 02-02-2018

Registration is now open for the Social Affairs Forum in Utrecht on 7-8 March

Are you interested to learn about what cities can do for social sustainability? Is your city already working to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals? Or perhaps you or your city are searching for inspiration from other cities in Europe? Then, join us for the Social Affairs Forum in Utrecht on 7-8 March.


publication date: 01-02-2018

WG Urban Ageing in Vienna

The WG Urban Ageing will meet in Vienna on Thursday 22 and Friday 23 March.


start date: 22-03-2018
end date: 23-03-2018

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From Sharing to Sharing Economy: The World Economic Forum’s report on collaboration practices in cities

Four EUROCITIES member cities are featured in a new report that examines how cities can leverage the potential of the sharing economy in use of municipal goods, spaces, and civic assets such as the talents and skills of city residents.


publication date: 11-01-2018