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Visualise Vienna’s model on preventing evictions and homelessness


EUROCITIES has prepared a video to present the successful practice of Vienna on preventing evictions and homelessness. It focuses on the strategic approach of the city, by showing the direct impact it has on two citizens - Andreas & Franziska. Through Wiener Wohnen, the property management company, Vienna engaged social workers to reach and provide tailored support to people that are at risk of being evicted.

The video was presented during the launch of EUROCITIES new political initiative ‘Inclusive Cities for All: Social Rights in My City’ in the European Parliament on 21 February. It was used to introduce the discussions in the second panel debate, which focused on ‘How to support access to affordable housing at local level to ensure social inclusion and cohesion in our communities?’.
The video is the result of EUROCITIES working groups on housing and homelessness joint meeting, on 6-7 December, to learn and exchange views on Vienna’s strategic approach on preventing evictions and homelessness. The city has shared its practices with more than 50 participants from 18 cities (Barcelona, Berlin, Birmingham, Brno, Dublin, Ghent, Glasgow, Gothenburg, Leipzig, Ljubljana, Lyon, Munich, Newcastle, Oslo, Poznan, Vienna, Zaragoza, Zurich). The discussions were focused on the key challenges, success factor and lesson learnt in developing preventive measure for evictions and homelessness at local level.
The study visit was organised under European Commission’s programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI). EUROCITIES has supported the exchanges of experiences among cities interested in delivering on European Pillar of Social Rights, principle 19 regarding ‘housing and assistance of the homelessness.

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