EUROCITIES WG employment on the attractiveness of jobs in care sector on 25-26 November

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EUROCITIES WG Employment will meet online on 25-26 November, to discuss on ‘how cities can increase the attractiveness of jobs in care sector: employment and skills development in Lyon'.


Care jobs are essential for our society. The COVID19 pandemic has put a high pressure on care work for both care receivers and care givers. Elderly and people with disability have suffered additional vulnerabilities like isolation and difficulties in accessing treatments, food and cleaning supplies. The workforce shortages in care sector has impacted on the existing workers which were under immense burden in delivering support to people in need. Beside the challenges brought by the pandemic with almost half of COVID-19 deaths in Europe occurring in long-term care settings, the ageing population of EU and the changing care dependency show an increasing need to strengthen the provision of quality care. To increase the attractiveness of care jobs, workers must have access to better working conditions, improved quality and fair payed wages.
The public and private investment in care service provision has proven the positive return for society (e.g. return of women to payed employment, employability of older persons or people with intellectual impairments). At EU level, the European Pillar of Social Rights states under principle 18 on long-term care that ‘everyone has the right to affordable long-term care services of good quality, in particular home-care and community-based services. To better respond to all the challenges and the negative effects of the pandemic, cities are designing and implementing innovative approached to address the increasing dependency on care for their people while ensuring quality jobs for care givers.

Theme of the meeting

Lyon Metropole’s Department for Elderly and Disability and the Department for Inclusion and Employment are jointly running an action plan to promote the inclusion of Registered Work Welfare (RSA) Beneficiaries into the care sector. The aim is to create the conditions that will allow job seeker to access first-level jobs while meeting the challenges of the sector.
EUROCITIES is organising a digital mutual learning to give the opportunity for cities to:
·         Learn about Lyon Metropole’s good practices on increasing the attractiveness of jobs in care sector – action plan and three initiatives.  
·         Share local challenges and opportunities for care jobs in your cities.
·         Discuss how the COVID-19 could represent an opportunity for the care jobs
·         Showcase other cities’ practices on the gender perspective, working conditions and relation with private sectors.
·         Hear about the latest EU updates on employment and skills.


Morning 1 - Wednesday 25 November
·         Official welcome
·         Setting the context - Lyon’s strategic approach employment in care jobs
·         Deep diving into local good practices from Lyon
Morning 2 - Thursday 26 November
·         Cities practices and experience with attractiveness of jobs in care sector
·         Taking stock of the lessons learned from Lyon’s model for employment in care jobs
·         Business meeting

We are looking for three cities to present their practice on increasing the attractiveness of care jobs 

We are searching for good practices from cities to be presented during the meeting. The main focus should be on the attractiveness of care jobs especially on:
1.    working conditions and mobility of workers (contracts, wages etc.)
2.    gender perspective
3.    relation with private sector.
If you are interested, submit your application before 17 November to 
You can register for the meeting by 25 November here:
   01 Agenda digital mutual learning WG Empl 25-26Nov2020download/preview this file
    02 Practices description_ Deep dive into Lyon Metropoles strategic approachdownload/preview this file
    03 Call good practices on jobs in care sector_ WG empl 25-26 Nov 2020download/preview this file

EUROCITIES staff contact

Patricia CoutiPolicy advisor