CREATE events in Skopje

On January 29th, 30th , 31st and February 1st and 2nd the city of Skopje hosted various CREATE events.


First a CREATE workshop was held involving 25 CREATE partners including 17 policy-makers from Adana, Amman, Bucharest, Skopje, Tallinn and London, four academics from UCL and Science Po, three European consultants and one of CREATE advisory board members. The aim of the workshop was to discuss ‘Challenges & Opportunities to accelerate urban mobility development processes in growing cities’. Key findings from the research undertaken in CREATE stage 1 cities (5 Eastern European and Euro-Med cities) were presented and discussed. Second, a series of round table discussions were held where city representatives were invited to discuss key issues, including: How do S1 cities perceive the different stages? What does ‘leapfrogging’ or ‘accelerating’ really mean? What skills are required to accelerate these processes? What are the main barriers and how to overcome them? What practical insights can we learn from S3 cities (5 Western European capitals)? What policies to prioritise and how to initiate this paradigm shift?


On the second day, the city of Skopje hosted a major dissemination event involving the Mayor of Skopje, the Minister for transport and communication and representatives from the EU Delegation in the Republic of Macedonia. A range of speakers presented key findings from CREATE, including a representative from Transport for London who discussed the Mayor’s healthy street approach. The event was well attended and attracted significant press coverage. On Tuesday afternoon, the city of Skopje organized a site visit showcasing Skopje’s most progressive mobility policies, including the city’s traffic control centre for public transport, and numerous cycling and pedestrian facilities.


On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday CREATE’s final Steering Committee took place. It included an open Steering Committee session on Wednesday morning where Stage 1 cities’ representatives were invited to provide feedback on Workpackage 5 guidelines.